Physical Information
Species Aardvark
Sex Male ♂
Origin Camp Kidney
Appearance Long tail
Personal Information
Occupation Camp Kidney Camper
Camp Kidney
Scout Bean
Cabin Mates sister terrifield
Position Camper
Production Information

Bill is a aardvark bean scout and a minor character in Camp kidney.


He is a light periwinkle aardvark scout from Camp Kidney. He has a little bit of a scottish accent heard in Parasitic Pal and in Boxing Edward, though he has a cracky voice in Swimming Buddy and Hot Spring Fever. Bill was also seen in Campers All Pull Pants sitting next to Fred whenMilt was introduced. He, Mort, and Ignatious were playing music for Samson in "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson". He was playing a violin. He was also seen with Gordon on a rock in Hot Spring Fever. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.his girl friend is terrifield