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It's No Picnic
IMG 1105
Airdate July 22, 2005
Storyboard by Joe Murray
Mark O'Hare
Written by Mark O'Hare
Camp Lazlo
"Parasitic Pal"
"The Weakest Link"

It's No Picnic is the eighth episode of season 1 of Camp Lazlo.


After some rain, the Bean Scouts are about to play in a mud puddle but the Squirrel Scouts are in it and they say the puddle is theirs. Lumpus, who is in love with Ms. Doe, goes across Leaky Lake to Acorn Flats and Miss Mucus shoots watermelons from the lookout tower at his boat. Lumpus and Slinkman and their boat sinks, and when they arrive Lumpus asks Ms. Doe to a picnic and so she decides to have the Bean and Squirrel Scouts have a picnic together {Lumpus meant just the two of them}. the bean scouts have pinecone sittings all the time even with eatch other Lumpus is annoyed like the Bean Scouts. They are all sitting at a long table and the Squirrel Scouts start throwing food at the Bean Scouts. Also at the picnic, there was pinecone-sitting contest and the winners gets the mud puddle. during the pinecone sitting pingpong dave samson raj bottoms hurt so bad it shows there bottoms raj was in the most pain Lazlo and Patsy are the last two left but then Lazlo notices he is having halluncinations (because Patsy is using her love of Lazlo to her advantage) Thus making him lose, only to find the mud puddle has dried up. They then argue over a tree
Beans scouts squirrel scouts

Bean Scouts reunited with Squirrel Scouts in a welcome picnic.


Goof: In a scene in which the Beans Scouts are cheering for Lazlo, Clam's horns are missing.


  • This was the first appearance of the Squirrel Souts, Jane Doe and Miss Mucus.
  • This episode aired on "Cartoon Network On-Demand" through Comcast on July 15, 2005.
  • If you look closely, The guys who sing hup-hup-hup-hup and carry the Bean Scouts to the emergency place are the lemmings.
  • We see Pingpongs crouch.We see Samson's crouch and Rajs crouch.


  • Patsy: Did you do something to your hair, Lazlo?
  • Raj: Look! Lazlo's still sitting! Dave: Just like Napoleon!
  • Lumpus: Yoo-Hoo!, Miss Doe, Is that You? (tree is about to break) Uh-Oh! (THE END).

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