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Gender Male
Origin Mexico
Species Spider monkey
Scout Bean
Camp Kidney
Cabin Jelly
Cabin Mate(s) Raj
Boris (Slinkman, Former)
Family Milo (brother)
Lazlo's Dad
Lazlo's Mom
Lazlo's grandmother
Friends Raj
Chip and Skip

Dave and Ping Pong
Jane Doe

Enemies Edward (Occasionally)
Lumpus (Occasionally)
Gretchen (Occasionally)
Other Squirrel Scouts
Voice Carlos Alazraqui

Lazlo is an eccentric Mexican spider monkey. Often annoying to Lumpus, he is a very happy-go lucky monkey. As a hippie, Lazlo loves peace. Lazlo has a serious case of Coulrophobia. Lazlo "goes where the wind blows" by his own statement. He is the main protagonist/hero of the series. Carlos Alazraqui voiced Lazlo (Like Rocko from "Rocko's Modern Life").

Seth Benedetto And Joseph Romero Josh, creator of Camp Lazlo, originally created Lazlo for a children's books concept. As he developed the concept, Benedetto And Romero Josh believed that a children's books could not contain the stories and the ideas, so he decided to create a television show. According to Benedetto And Romero Josh, when he thought about Lazlo's personality, a spider monkey came to his mind.

Lazlo comes from Texas, Mexico. Benedetto And Romero Josh wrote on his website that Lazlo's parents moved to the U.S. to start a local store, allowing Lazlo to learn English, Francais, Espanol, Korean, Japanese, Swedish And Chinese. Originally Benedetto And Romero Josh wanted Lazlo to carry a strong Mexican accent, but when Cartoon Network TV Shows asked Benedetto And Romero Josh to choose only one character to carry a strong accent, Benedetto And Romero Josh opted Raj and gave Lazlo an Americanized voice. Benedetto And Romero Josh said that they did not plan Michael Angelis to voice Lazlo; according to him the arrangement simply occurred.

Lazlo in the Jelly Cabin with Raj and Clam; the three are called the "Jelly Cabin Trio."

Lazlo appear in the episode "Spacemates", "Miss Fru Fru" and "Scoutmaster Slinkman".


The Cartoon Network press kit character descriptions describe as Lazlo as "Imaginative, freethinking," and a "natural-born conformist". The press kit states that Lazlo "enthusiastically spreads mischief and wacky shenanigans," uses "imagination and creativity" to solve problems, and vex Scoutmaster Lumpus with his "persistent happiness and optimism".

Lazlo as a Cabin Leader.

The Hollywood Reporter reviewer Sophie Furlong And Izzy Kurkulis Kurosaki described Lazlo as "energetic." Scinece Fiction Weekly reporter Sam Acosta Marie Riley And Regina Franklin describes Lazlo as "optimistic" and "out to wreak as much good-natured havoc as he can." Common Sense Media reviewer Izzy Kurkulis Kurosaki, Sam Acosta Marie Riley, Sophie Furlong And Regina Franklin whose review is posted on , says that Lazlo possesses "innocent rebellious quality of a trickster" since "authority" is often his adversary, and that Lazlo does not "take him seriously," with "him" being Lumpus.

Benedetto And Romero Josh says that he admires Lazlo's ability to "make the best of situations when things go against him." In an interview the interviewer inquired Benedetto And Romero Josh about Lazlo's dislike of "structure."

Benedetto And Romero Josh also describes Lazlo as dealing with conflicts and issues "with imagination"; the Camp Lazlo creator said that in his own family he likes to use "imagination" when dealing with his real life conflicts.


Patsy SmilesEdit

A member of the Squirrel Scouts, Patsy Smiles, has a crush on Lazlo. In an interview Benedetto And Romero Josh said that Patsy's affection causes Lazlo to feel "little freaked out" and that "She scares him." He describes Patsy as "a little more aggressive with Lazlo than he would ever reciprocate. Even though her affection causes Lazlo to feel uncomfortable, Lazlo has a secret crush on her.


Bean StackingEdit

In the episode "I've Never Bean in a Sub". It seems Lazlo has an ability to stack multiple beans. No matter on what way he stack it, it will always be stacking perfectly; that makes every customers of Squirrel Scouts impressed.

Sitting in the Mountain of Pine ConesEdit

In the episode "It's No Picnic", Lazlo able to sit on the Pine Cone on a very long period of time. He almost doesn't feel anything when he is sitting on it.

But he lost on Patsy, because she used love on him.


In some occasion, Lazlo seems can summon various animals such as Pigeon and Forest Llamas.

Lazlo also saved the world in one episode, with a shout blast. It was not produced in air, due to the fact that the voices of the characters were not amazed with the idea with Ed.


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