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Mr. Toad
Mr toad
Physical Information
Species Frog
Sex Male ♂
Personal Information
Production Information
[[Category:Scouts in the {{{cabin}}} cabin]]

[[Category:characters from {{{origin}}}]][[Category:{{{position}}} Scouts]] [[Category:Characters voiced by {{{voiceactor}}}]]

Clam is showing the toad the wonders of Mystery Cabin. A toad who is a traveling bait display salesman, the top seller in 21 districts, he was attracted to the "Visit Mystery Cabin" sign Lazlo set up to help get Camp Kidney on a tourist map. Lazlo tried to trick him by hiding the totem pole. When the toad saw how ridiculous the cabin was, he went on a tirade, telling Lazlo that his time was just wasted, and stormed out of the cabin. His look is a reference to Ed Bighead.

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