Skipper and Warren
Skipper And Warren
Physical Information
Species Rat & Bear
Sex Male ♂
Personal Information
Camp Kidney
Scout Bean
Cabin Rotten
Production Information

Skipper & Warren are old bean scouts back when the Platypus Brothers were in Camp Kidney.

They only appear in the episode "Oh Brother, Who Art Thou?".

About the CharacterEdit

Skipper & Warren, when introduced, looked to admire the Platypus Brothers and love tetherball. Or so they were made to think. They were intimidated by the brothers into liking them until the youngest Platypus Brother, Edward, convinced them otherwise.


They both wear the old bean scout outfit, but has been ripped with age.

History Edit

Since the year when the Platypus Brothers reign over Camp Kidney and bullied a lot of bean scouts. Cheesly used them as tetherballs and moved their cabin, Rotten Bean, all the way to the swamp. For four years, they never know what Camp Kidney looks like nor what day it is since the area lacked sunlight. Eventually, when they encountered Edward as a tetherball, Edward convinced them that the Platypus Brothers are bullies and demand payback. With Edward driving away his four brothers, Skipper and Warren consider him as the only platypus brother they befriend with.


  • Edward: Okay, look...take, for instance, tetherball.
  • Skipper & Warren: Oh tetherball! Tetherball! Tetherball!
  • Edward: And why do you love tetherball?
  • Skipper:Because the Platypus Brothers love tetherball!
  • Edward: And you love the Platypus Brothers because...?
  • Skipper & Warren: (Both stares at Edward then to each other and finally realizes what he's saying)
  • Edward:'s payback time....
  • Skipper & Warren: Payback...


  • It is unknown which is Skipper and which is Warren officially, since it showed Alpine calling out their names off screen.