The Loogie Llama Song
Episode Loogie Llama
Character(s) Bean Scout and Spitty
Episode Transcript Loogie Llama

The Loogie Llama Song is a song from episode Loogie Llama. During this song, the Bean Scouts are trying different ways on how to tame Spitty so they can ride on his back. But in the end, they failed to ride him.


Verse 1
Everyone loves my little loogie llama
He's my knock-kneed frumpy
Hock-a-hock-a-loogie lock-a-lock-a-loogie
He's got a big round rumpy.
He's so cute
His chest hair smells like cheddar
Hock-a-hock-a-loogie lock-a-lock-a-loogie
Make a smelly sweater.
Verse 2
Everyone wants to ride my loogie llama
But he has weak knees
He'll spit and buck you'll have more luck
Riding all his fleas.
Singing a song that can't be wrong
with a loogity, spoogity, noogity, boogity, spittly,
wittly, diddly, piddly, hoggily, woggily,
boggily, doggily, he's my loogie llama.
(slows down)He's my loogie llama!

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